Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaggle of Chicks

I'm all about getting the best deal, and I know there's so many sites out there that are offering steals N deals, and here is another great one out there... Gaggle of Chicks offers great deals, and great referral bonuses, too! Today's deal is:

Playhouses provide endless entertainment for children all year round. Our partnership with Creative Toyshop offers Gaggle members a $20 certificate for only $10. That's a 50% discount—plus you get a $5 flat rate for shipping applicable to the entire order!
The playhouses on offer can be found under the Calafant icon, where you'll find such clever creations as a 3-foot-robot, a palace, a treehouse and more. The products are divided into levels one, two, and three, which indicates what level of building they require. Level one is limited to little airplanes and school buses (reg. $7.99), while level two includes creations such as a Mermaid Cove and a Pirate Ship (reg. $17.99). Level three contains some of the largest creations, like a castle that kids can actually play in.
And all of the Calafant box creations com with tools to adorn the items—like markers and sparkling glitter.


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