Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding your deals


As a newbie at finding and using coupons, I dove right in. I didn't think twice and learned as I went. I researched blogs, and blogs that referred me to sites, I asked friends, neighbors, and even spent hours searching online for answers. So, I wanted to share a few places that I have found to be helpful. Facebook, is of course the number one place to be in contact with companies, as per my previous post. But, you can also email or hand write companies that you truly enjoy and tell them how much you enjoy them. Some of them send you coupons in return. The small amount of time you spend emailing them, is worth the end result. Tammilee Tips does an awesome thing called Contact A Day on her blog and facebook page. If you are apprehensive  definitely start there. 

Another way is to read different blogs. The two I started off with were Mylitter and Iheartthemart. I thought they were pretty cute and knew their information. I also wanted to get into freebies. One of my fav sites for that is Sweeties Freebies and also I Love Freebies. Although, I follow many more blogs and facebook pages, those are the ones I started with and will always be a fan of. 

My advice to you is to start slow and moderately. The best person to learn from is yourself. If you need extra help, do your research. If you make a true and honest mistake at checkout, and use the wrong coupon, apologize and say you are learning. On that note, make sure you know and understand, as well as print out the store policy on coupons and price matching. Remember your teacher telling you knowledge is power? LOL, well in this case it really is! 


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